Emblem Zlatoust
Founded in 1754


JSC Zlatoust Metallurgical Combine

Geographical coordinates - 55°10' northern latitude
59°41' eastern longitude
Height above sea level - 450 m
Area - 126 ha
Population - 206000
From the north to the south
From west for east
15.4 km
10.4 km

It was founded in 1754 simultaneously with ironwork and named after Saint loan Zlatoust. The town of Zlatoust is situated on the border between Europe and Asia on the river Ay.

From the beginning of the 19th century an arms factory was constructed there which began to produce sabres, swords, broadswords. It was the time when Zlatoust steel-engraving was conceived. Masters of Zlatoust knew secrets of engraving, deep etching, blueing, gilding and metal carving. Famous artists Ivan Bushuev, Ivan Boyarshinov left for us unique patterns of cold-steel decorated with engraving. Flying winged horse was a favourite element of many Bushuev's engravings, so he was given a nickname Ivan the Wingy (Ivanko Krylatko). From that time a flying winged horse was an emblem of the town. Along with the cold-steel various other unique articles are made in Zlatoust. The production of the factory includes hunter's knives and hatchets, wall panels and plates, boxes, caskets, trays, wine sets, vases and cups. A great contribution to the developing of engraving was made bu P.P.Anossov the outstanding russian scientist and metallurgist, the Head of the Zlatoust enterprises and Manager of the Arms factory. There were manufactured damask blades first in Russia inder his quidance.

Zlatoust is very attractive for tourists. If you come there you will be shown a lot of historical monuments, museums, those you will admire. You may be taken to the exibition hall or to the drama theatre. And what impresses the visitor most is unique nature and climate. It is the frosty snowy winter and the summer is rich of berries and mushrooms.

Zlatoust is well-known for its rich sports traditions. There are three swimming pools, perfectly tracks, stadiums, a chess club, skiing schools there. The Olympic winner in speed-skating L.Skoblikova, the world chess- champion A.Karpov began their sporting careers in Zlatoust. Our women's water-polo team participated in the international matches in Italy, Hungaria. In our days Zlatoust becomes the centre of the international winter sports competitions.

At our days Zlatoust is one of the most powerful industrial centres in Ural. There are many big plants and factories here: steel-mill, machine- building, clock-factory, shoe-factory, metal structure's plant and some others. There is a great number of small enterprises founded in Zlatoust alongside with the big plants. You can find various types of production in Zlatoust from steel smelting to producing the most delicate articles. Excavators, rolled metall, instruments, time-keepers, electric stoves, shoes, metal structures, suits and many other things are produced of great quantities. Speaking of industry of our town it should be mentioned that some of these big industrial enterprises need modernization, reconstruction also conversion. Zlatoust's food industry is represented by meat-packing factory, milk-factory, confectlonary, the plant for producing strong drinks, bakery.

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